I love the “Java is Dying” headlines and articles

Often people are afraid of features, frameworks or libraries instead of focusing what is important: how to be a developer. Having principles and character, some silly thing, like a programming language is singled out as a fault of missing out on great benefits. If one would ask around developer what does, a simple thing as, unit, functional and integration test mean the answers would vary a lot. IFF we, as developers and other professionals, can’t align what does it mean to be a developer and how to behave and how to write code, it is way too early to say if a language is doomed or not.

Of course, there are arguments and trends, but without having the whole infrastructure, what Java is, it is silly to say that Java is dying. Lets see how Kotlin, Clojure, etc (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:JVM_programming_languages) are having a say in this. For me, the future is not Java even though I’ve been writing java code for the majority of the last decade, but the JVM.

I do not wish to write a full-blown article about what the future holds for

Java, but I disagree Java is Dying.

Technical Lead - Passionate leader and developer at Siemens

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